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ciwli December 1, 2006 09:21

hi, i want to simulate the collision of particles from two injections with steay model. i think i have to write a UDF, can sb give me a idea , how i can write it, coz i just begin to learn UDF

ciwli December 4, 2006 18:27

i think i have to get the concentration in a cell. but in the UDF Help there is only one Injection, how can i get each particle concentration in a cell, some like *pi ?

Allan Walsh December 6, 2006 20:16

Have you looked at the example in the UDF manual? I have implemented half-a-dozen other DPM UDFs but the collision one looks very challenging.

JSM December 12, 2006 01:48


In particle injection, I am using the rosin rammler distribution with surface injection in unsteady state. In this how to vary the number of particles injected per time step. I varied the total mass flow rate. Then also fluent is taking same number of particles per time step.

Any suggestions to resolve this.

With regards, JSM

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