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swapna December 3, 2006 02:28

mesh alignment in gambit
Hello all,

I am struck at a point in my project where I need to align two different meshes of two materials.Could anyone help me out in this.I am using gambit as my preprocessor and fluent as my postprocessor.I also want to know how to define two material properties assembled in other modeling software.

please help me out inthis its real urgent.

Thankyou all, Swati

Ralf Schmidt December 4, 2006 04:28

Re: mesh alignment in gambit

You have two materials in one simulation?

When one is solid, it is easy: just make two diffenent volumes (take care, that the faces, where the volume touch each others are the same) and define one as solid and one as fluid. Now mesh both volumes the way you want!

You have two fluid materials, and you want them meshed different?? sorry.. no idea... You may do it the same way like solid und fluid, but use moving mesh to account for the flexible boundary between both.

One other option would be, to simulate first one material, save the results on the boundary to the other material, than use these results as starting condition for the other simualtion (works only with low coupling between both materials).

Hope, it helps a little


swapna December 5, 2006 13:51

Re: mesh alignment in gambit
Hai Ralf,

Thanks a lot for the reply.

I am new to fluent and have no idea how to proceed with what you have said. My problem is: I have two pipes of diameters 2mm and 1.8mm aligned on same axis.both the pipes are of equal length 10mm.Fluid flows through the two pipes at cartain velocity.How do i design this model in gambit.Is there anyother way that icould approach the problem in simple way.Both the pipes are to be considered as volumes.

Once again.Thankyou.


Ashok kumar December 7, 2006 10:18

Re: mesh alignment in gambit
Hi there

Do the following steps

1. If you are going to solve the energy equation create the pipe with 2mm dia nor 1.8mm with the required length.

2. Create the next pipe using copy command in gambit.

3. Then connect the faces which are common to both the pipes using connect faces command.

4. Start face meshing of the pipe or straight away you can go for volume meshes if you want.

5. In the boundary types declare the face which you've merged as interior.

Hope this will do.

Ashok kumar

swapna December 7, 2006 15:56

Re: mesh alignment in gambit
Thankyou Ashok,

I worked out.But I couldnt solve it in software I am working on(ADINA). Anyways thankyou once again. Swapna

Alkulkarni August 20, 2009 00:24

help required

We are trying to solve FSI using Adina, but stuck up with element overlap problem. Can you help us in this matter, then please reply to email address

Thank you,

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