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Dave December 6, 2006 21:42

2D cylinder, external, laminar and turbulent flow
Hi, (Your assistance would be greatly appreciated)

I currently go to Cleveland State University and for my masters in mechanical engineering and my thesis pertains to flow around a 3D Spiral Tower Shape (Shaped like a screw). Ideally I want to acheive accurate results for external, compressible flow around it. I have run a few analyses and have notice inconsistent results. So I decided to take a step back and practice and get a better understanding of a more simplistic model such as that of a 2D cylinder. Right now I am using mesh and computational domain criterion that is similar to this . I have set all my parameters to yield a Reynolds number of less than 1000 to maintain laminar flow. I set the scale of my model, set boundary conditions that are exact to those that are specified in the link you provided. I use y-component velocity to specify my velocity.

I also have some hand written formula's from a fluid mechanics book that when solved show that the tangential velocity at the boundary of the cylinder should be 2X (twice) that of the inlet velocity. For some reason I am not able to acheive these results, nor am I able to get my multiple models to converge.

If you could help me in any way I would highly appreciate it. Thanks, Dave. (If you contact me via my email I may be able to send the gambit or fluent files. I also have an autocad file that specifies the mesh and flow parameters that I am using.

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