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inderpreet saini December 8, 2006 02:59

finding difficulty in dynamic meshing for ic engin
i am simulating ic engine combustion in 3d in fluent i am finding difficulty for moving mesh conditions. please help. tell me some case file swith amoving piston and a deforming mesh

strider12 October 18, 2012 08:50

I too am trying to simulate a 3d modelling of an Si engine. I did not find any tutorials for 3d models. If someone has any tutorials or knew how to do it please reply.

Marion October 18, 2012 09:02


I think the best is to ask your Fluent support team, but a 3D model is not much different from a 2D model in that case, as the displacement is only in 1 direction. It can be more difficult if you are modelling the valves as well.

By the way - what do you want to know? how to set up the MDM strategy, or how to use the "in cylinder option" in Fluent?


strider12 October 19, 2012 14:20

Thanks for the reply . I had made a model and meshed it using automatic meshing. I am not modelling the valve motion. But when I tried to give a dynamic mesh , it failed saying negative volume . I had given the options for remishing minimum and maximum size as 0.4 and 1.4 times the average length.I had given real values for the in cylinder option.The amplitude of the motion was too large .
Also when i tried to visualize the zone motion i was only able to view the piston,not meshes or side walls or cylinder head.
Actually i had given the parameters based on a tutorial on 2d dynamic mesh .Is there any significant change for 3d modelling . Thanking you in advance for your reply

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