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AndyRoth December 8, 2006 13:01

General question regarding Fluent 6.3s mesh motion
Hi all,

We are looking at using Fluent 6.3 for a butterfly valve simulation (carburettors). I know that fluent is capable of modelling reciprocating engine fluid dynamics with linear valve actuation. However we need a mesh motion model that can handle the following:

-Butterfly disk completely cuts off flow and seals main bore while flow can still bypasses the sealed valve via other remote labyrythine passages (i.e. upstream to downstream fluid communication via other channels still occurs). -We need to model many cycles of valve opening and closure contiguously.

This implies that we need a CFD code that can: -Handle domain pinch off (i.e. complete valve closure splitting the previously connected domain) -Handle combined translational and rotational motion by rigid bodies within the domain. -Handle domain merging (i.e. when valve starts to reopen the domains must re-merge)

Can Fluent 6.3 handle this? Any suggestions?

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