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N├ęstor December 9, 2006 13:54

Guide lines to model a moving wall and a propeller
Hi everyone, I got a problema while modelling a moving wall, I'm just a beginner.

I'll tell you the exact case: it's the rudder of a zeppelin. as you can figure out, it has a common axis with the static zone of the rudder. It rotates about this axis. Simplifying, I just have a rectangle of the static part common with the totating rudder. This movement must be specified in Fluent, isn┤t it? BUT, when I'm meshing the field around the zeppeling and export the mesh, as this common rectangle is not meshed, it is not exported. I've thought about modeling the rudder a bit away, unconnected with the zeppelin. But, in that case, I would be unable to calculate force moments over the zeppelin, right?

And, then, do you know any way to model a propeller?

THanks in advance

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