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Tremblay December 14, 2006 13:00

Please Help me out.
The real geometry of the fluidized bed is cylindrical 3D riser. The gas phase enters fromthe bottom, and the solid phase enters from one side-inlet near the bottom.

Now I want to approximate it as 2-D riser. How should I do it? Please give me some ideas.

succinct December 14, 2006 23:37

Re: Please Help me out.
Since the solid phase inlet cannot be compressed to a 2d axisymmetric inlet, the approximation you will need to make is to think of it as an annular inlet. Then you need to try to match the area of the annular inlet to the original area of the inlet. However keep in minda that you are no longer modeling the inlet as coming from a particular side any more. So my advice is stick to 3d :)

Tremblay December 15, 2006 10:49

Re: Please Help me out.
I knew that 3d is better. However, I would like to know how to simply it into 2D given solid mass flux (kg/m2 s). I mean the stratgy.

For the case of writing own CFD source, the 2D simplication will be very helpful in the intial test. Therefore, what are the basic principles for implementing this kind of conversion or simplification (3D into 2D?

One literature example of converting 3D to 2D is (Benyahia et al. Powder Technology 2000,112:24"33). But they did not mention clearly the simplication prinples and the consequence of violating the nonsymmetric nature?

Please make comment on this paper. Thanks.

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