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HSeldon December 15, 2006 10:52

Cd one more time...
Hi all, Itīs seems like determine the Cd is a hell, for at least, many of us. I looked in this forum many, many posts, but couldnīt solve my problem. Itīs simple, a 2d airfoil with a structured (good resolution) mesh. With boundary layer with a proper y+ for the turbulence model, references values ok, etc, etc. The reynolds I need to calculate is 1.5 million, 1 unit of airfoil chord. I can get the Cl with no problem but I donīt know what to do with cd and cp (cp gave me inverted). Can you help me please? What other things should I do? For example, what do you recomend? far-field pressure, press inlet or velocity inlet? (remember the Re number, very low to be compresible flow (120km/h)). I used SA turb. model, what are the settings for that model? I made two meshes, one with <1 y+ and other with 30 y+, like the fluent docs says. Also, for the Cp, it ask me the moment center that is located at x=0.25 and y=0 but the result was inverted (the cp for that airfoil have to be negative at 0 AOA, but I got the same number but positive.

Plase help!

Thanks for your time.

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