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Abhishek V December 16, 2006 17:20

Vertical rotating cylinder
Hi every one,

This site seems to be the last ray of hope left for me.PLease help me. Lemme explain our problem.

We are dealing with a vertical rotating cylinder completely filled with water and closed with a lid heated by a microwave owen heat source.

Firstly what we have done is supplied the UDF of microwave owen heating thru interpreted for vertical cylinder which is static(not rotating). We got the results of one std paper done by Datta

Secondly we did the same thing but rotated the cylinder. For that we changed the boundary conditions to "moving wall,rotation, rpm= 15(we converted into rad/sec and supplied) , and no slip".

But strangely we are getting the same result which we got for static case. How much ever we try we are not getting :(

Can anyone please tell us all the conditions which ensure rotation or post some example which is similar to our problem.

Regards Abhishek

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