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St├ęphane Champmartin December 20, 2006 13:03

sinusoidal interface between two immiscible fluids
I'd like to simultate with the VOF method the Rayleigh-Taylor instability. To do so, i need to superimpose two layers of immiscible fluids and to generate a sinusoidal interface between them as initial condition. With the patch method, it is only possible to select circular or rectangular cells. How can i patch such a sinusoidal interface ? Should i use an udf, a custom field function ? Thanks for your help.

Shivendra Singh January 8, 2007 02:09

Re: sinusoidal interface between two immiscible fl

I am also facing a problem similar to yours... I tried patching with rectangular cells, but the solutions came out to be divergent. The problem with a custom-field function is that you can write a function for the interface, but you require it for the entire fluid region, ie, lets say between y=0 and y=Asin(t). So that you can define the region properly. I you find any help plz mail me..Thanx

Bye, Jlt2k6

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