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AlexA January 4, 2007 16:48

Low-Pressure Boundary Slip
Hi, have anybody used low-pressure boundary slip condition in Fluent?

In the forum's archive there is a plenty of questions about using velocity slip boundary condition as opposed to no-slip bc. Most of them are left unanswered...

In Fluent 6.2 there seems to be a built-in option for slip boundary condition but I haven't been able to turn it on so far. In Define/Models/Viscous there is an option "Low-Pressure Boundary Slip" that can be enabled. If the option is enabled than two additional fluid properties can be specified in Define/Materials/ . These additional properties are Thermal Accommodation Coefficient and Momentum Accommodation Coefficient.

The problem is that I can't find a way to turn in the slip in boundary conditions. The menu for specifying wall boundary condition still has only "No-slip", "Specified Shear" or "Marangoni Stress" options neither one of them seems relevant for wall slip.

I searched Fluent 6.2 manual with no success yet. The Maxwell slip model is explained in section 14.2.2. on the theoretical level without any explanation /screenshots on how to use that option.

Any advice/shared experience is greatly appreciated!!

mech January 5, 2007 22:30

Re: Low-Pressure Boundary Slip
Hi Alex I am with the same problem. Please help me if you can solve the problem. Mech

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