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HS January 8, 2007 13:06

Vortex method vs Spectral synthesizer for LES

I am going to do LES simulations and have become a bit curious about the two different boundary conditions for generation of vorticity. I can see from the manual what the Vortex method does, but there is not much written on the Spectral synthesizer really. Can anyone with experience from LES simulations recommend one of them over the other, or does it not matter much? I will know fairly well what kind of turbulence I have at the inlet (from k-e or RSM simulations).

If using the Spectral synthesizer, it is also necessary to specify the Reynolds stresses at the inlet. Why is this (i.e. how does the Spectral synthesizer method use this information)?

Thank you in advance for any information on these matters!


raunakjung February 14, 2017 03:46

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