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jon william January 12, 2007 12:55

problems in high speed external flow
Hi everyone I met a problems during solving an external high speed air flow over a body of finned missile. I couldn't solve a flow over 1.5 Mach number. An error message " pressure or temprature limited for .... in .. cells " just before the drag coefficient curve has a constant value with iterations. This error is displayed in the fluent help, and a solution is suggested to redeine the limits of the parameters. I changed the limites to range from allowable minimum value to allowable maximum value and the error is still appears. Where is the mistake I done? Can any one help me?

Luca January 12, 2007 13:29

Re: problems in high speed external flow
if you're using the segregated solver try using the coupled one. This should solve your problem even if it requires a lot ofmemory and time. Luca

Rajesh January 14, 2007 07:37

Re: problems in high speed external flow
You can plot the pressure and temperature contours and find out the locations where the pressure and tempearture values exeed the limits. Check the aspect ratio & skewness of the grids there ... try to refine the grid at these locations... check the proper boundary conditions also..


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