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dong January 14, 2007 10:06

Marangoni stress, help!!
Hi!everybody, now I will go to simulate on the heat transfer and fluid flow in the weldpool. As a boundary, I must add Marangoni stress to the weldpool surface, so Marangoni stress are expressed as follows: tau=del(sigma)=d(sigma)/dT del(T). I want to know where Marangoni stress are added? thanks in advance!

new_cfd_analyst January 25, 2007 12:54

Re: Marangoni stress, help!!
I am working in nearly same field. I would like to know one thing. How to apply moving heat source. As specially, when you are trying to simulate 3-D problem.

My guess to your question is: Fluent calculates marngoni stress and add it on defined or calculated surface. What user need to prescribe is surface tension gradient.

I am not sure, if my answere help you or not..

best luck...


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