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Kasper Skriver January 16, 2007 06:05

operating on many volumes
How do I operate on many volumes in Gambit?

I want to subtract some 120 volumes named "volume.3" ... "volume.123" from "volume.1"

How do I do that in a simple way in a journal file instead of writing all the volume names??

Is there a way to specify all volumes but two? Say I want to specify all volumes but "volume.1" and "volume.2"

Ralf Schmidt January 16, 2007 06:46

Re: operating on many volumes

there is the gambit journal, that makes it possible using many commands at once.

You write a gambit journal, the details are given in the documentation. Here are some lines, I wrote for creating many volumes from faces and rename them:

volume create stitch "f-300.930.-500_-290.930.-490" "f-300.930.-500_-290.940.-500" "f-300.930.-500_-300.940.-490" "f-300.940.-500_-290.940.-490" "f-300.930.-490_-290.940.-490" "f-290.930.-500_-290.940.-490"

volume modify "volume.1" label "v-300.930.-500_-290.940.-490"

In gambit, you have to start the journal with file-run-journal or somethink like that...

hope, it helps


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