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dong January 16, 2007 08:54

UDS for electric potential!
Hi! I'm working on the welding arc simulation, so I must write UDS for calculating this problem. But, I met some problems during the UDS's compile. The problems is as follows:

..\..\src\3DUniform.c(103) : error C2223: left of '->storage' must point to struct/union

..\..\src\3DUniform.c(114) : error C2109: subscript requires array or pointer type

so, I want to know how to modify these problems?

thanks in advance!

Le January 23, 2007 00:41

Re: UDS for electric potential!
You may made mistake in assigning the UDS variables. I do not know what you are doing so you should read the Fluent manual carefully, especially where the UDS variables are declared

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