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Nabil January 16, 2007 11:17

Floating point error
When Fluent ranning on my machine and I want to display any grid or countours or some think it comimg on getting a floating point error in Fluent. I get the following error.

Error: Floating point error: divide by ziro Error Object: ()

I get this only on my Dell PC (P4 Dimesion 8400)what are the key areas to cross check when we face such error messages. Can anyone explain. Thanks

Ralf Schmidt January 16, 2007 13:12

Re: Floating point error

PLEASE!! look at the forum BEFORE you are asking. Or performe a seach!!!

SO MANY PEOPLE are looking for the floating point error (one just a few days befor), and to all of them I write the same:

look at


Akshay January 19, 2007 06:30

Re: Floating point error
If you have successfully run your case file and you are getting error only during display of grid,(not only for this, for all different cases too) then it is problem with your graphics card.

Please use the following commands when you launch fluent from command prompt. fluent [version] -driver x11 for unix. fluent [version] -driver msw for windows.

You may have to upgrade your graphics card driver. It should be available on the site of your graphics card vendor.

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