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MCB January 19, 2007 03:27


as far as you know, are there problems in running fluent on Linux Redhat with a Opteron dualcore 64bit processor?

Thanks in advance for the help.



Jack January 19, 2007 04:01

Re: Fluent-AMD-64bit-Linux-Redhat
Not sure about Opteron, but if you ask me about Athlon 64 X running 64bit SuSE. Then you better give up.

Akshay January 19, 2007 09:01

Re: Fluent-AMD-64bit-Linux-Redhat
Hi, If you are licensed user of Fluent, then you would get a list of supported platforms on the following site

You need username and password for accessing this page.

Depending on it you can decide what platform to be used.

MCB January 19, 2007 09:43

Re: Fluent-AMD-64bit-Linux-Redhat
Thanks Akshay,

this is the answer I was looking for.



Charles January 19, 2007 15:39

Re: Fluent-AMD-64bit-Linux-Redhat
FWIW, I had some difficulties getting Fluent 6.2 to run under Fedora Core 4 (very similar to Red Hat) and the solution was to simply install ALL packages from the Fedora install disks. It seems that there are sometimes some library compatibility issues, but generally I've had very little trouble making any commercial CFD code (Fluent, CFX, CFDRC, Comet, Icem, Harpoon, Tecplot ....) work with FC4, once ALL packages were installed.

The software vendor's "supported platforms" list is obviously the safe way to go, but if you already have another version of the O/S installed, it's worth trying the CFD install to see if it works before installing another O/S.

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