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sudheer January 22, 2007 20:06

urgent help too many VOF subtime steps error

I am trying to model the flow of a liquid partilce with high density and viscosity suspended in water in a 3D-bend using VOF method. When I run the simulation without the particle my velocity field seems to converge, but when I adapt a spherical region with a specied radius and run the VOF solver I get an error " too many VOF sub-time steps. the velocity is probably diverging. Please reduce the time steps if necessary" . I even tried reducing the time step size. I'm pretty sure that my grid is fine. I would greatly appreciate if you can help me out. Thank you very much

Muke January 24, 2007 01:16

Re: urgent help too many VOF subtime steps error
Are you trying to mark a region with adapt option, for the purpose of patching/initialisation.

I guess instead of clikcing on mark option you might have clicked on adapt.this refines the grid in the region you have defined and so the error. You can see the refined grid, once you adapt and redisplay the grid.

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