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Josh January 24, 2007 16:21

Importing Polyhedral Mesh from Starccm+ to Fluent
I have been using Starccm+ to model airflow for a project. I used Starccm+ because it was what the company my project is for requested. Now they would like for us to model spray using the same model. Starccm+ does not have this capability, I realize I could do it in StarCd 4.0, but I am more familiar with Fluent and would rather do it in Fluent if possible.

The part is meshed with polyhedrals in Starccm+, has anyone tried importing one of these meshes into fluent?

ftab November 1, 2012 14:06

I know this is an old thread. But did you solve finally the problem of importing StarCCM+ polyhedral mesh to Fluent?

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