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renuka January 25, 2007 00:27

orifice problem

i amnew to fluent. In my problem fluid is flowing through pipe but their is a orifice in the pipe closing 25 percent of cs area. how to define it in fluent ans where to define ?

waiting for ur reply



rams January 25, 2007 03:54

Re: orifice problem
u make changes in the geometry (pipe) to reduce the cross section by 25%.

i mean add hollow cicular plate with the hollow area equal to the orffice hole area at the point where the orffice is located.

kamini January 25, 2007 04:07

Re: orifice problem
Thanks rams for ur reply

My problem is 2d one . what i got some previous paper is that orifice canbe modleded as flow restriction . their is a value k whose has to mention in flunt but where i dont know if u have any idea please reply


rams January 25, 2007 12:23

Re: orifice problem
what are u asking for i don't know please be a little clear

Jan January 31, 2007 16:51

Re: orifice problem
Do you mean a orifice plate? If not, then there is no problem with just creating it as a single orifice.

gamal February 3, 2007 19:15

Re: orifice problem
Dear sir

I am trying to model variable area orifice meter, the methodology is to use bluff body against the flow direction, and the system is connected to water tank 15m above the orifice level. My question how much I have to identify the operation pressure or I can use the atmospheric pressure. Thanks

The configuration in this link

Rams February 5, 2007 01:39

Re: orifice problem
I guess u would be modelling only pipe flow with a variable area orifice meter, if then specify operating pressure a the pressure calculated at the point 15m below the water tank,

if u r including the modelling of water tank then take it as atmospheric pressure

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