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Trodeme January 26, 2007 10:58

How to activate just one phase turbulence model?
For modeling two-fluid gas-solid system with considering turbulence effect, the Eulerian-Eulerian approach is to be applied. The gas phase is defined as continuous phase and the solid phase as dispersed phase. As we know,there are three options for K-E equation multiphase model(Fluent 6.2.16): (1) mixture; (2)dispersed; (3)per phase.

The question is:

If I just want to activate or consider the turbulence model for one of the two fluid phases (for example the gas phase), what should I do? In other words, how to set the option for that purpose?

Thanks in advance for your idea?

Yasser January 26, 2007 15:50

Re: How to activate just one phase turbulence mode
if u choose dispersed, u will consider only the gas turbulence if u need to turn on the 2nd phase turbulence equation, u have to choose "per phase"

I didn't use the "mixture" option and i don't know which equations will be used or neglected


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