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akr January 29, 2007 23:24

mesh problem for cylinder

I just want to create mesh for a cylinder. This cylinder doesn't have special geometry. (diameter 100 mm, height 500 mm) First, I mesh circular edges of the cylinder with a size function. And then, I meshed circular face. But gambit didn't make perfect meshs which have skewness nearly 0. Some meshes have skewness 0.15. Why does this happen? I meshed two circular edges of the cylinder same way, but maybe mesh intervals of two edges are not same. I cannot get it. Please help me...

pinks January 30, 2007 00:43

Re: mesh problem for cylinder
Mesh is good if skewness is 0 and worse if it is 1. You ahve good mesh quality.. dont worry. Refer user guide on meshing concepts.

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