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Asghari January 31, 2007 14:14

UDF & Double precision; Please help??
Hi all;

I wrote a udf for a 2ddp(i.e 2 dimensional double precision) case file.UDF is very simple as follows:

DEFINE_ADJUST(my_define_adjust, domain)

{ cell_t c;

Thread *t;

if(!Data_Valid_P()) return;

thread_loop_c (t,domain) {

begin_c_loop (c,t) {

C_UDMI(c,t,0)=1.0 ;

} end_c_loop (c,t) } } Also I do this process for similar 2d(single precision) case file (same geometry and grid).

Then , in display-->Contours-->User Defined Memory and selecting UDM'0 I obtained output results.But results were very different. for 2d(single precision) case file , I obtained UDM'0 is equal to 1.0 in the everywhere,But for double precision version (2ddp) UDM'0 was in a zone equal .007 and in another domain was 0.0 that is clearly wrong.

Why it happended for 2ddp case file?

How to solve this problem?

I am appreciated for everybody answer me.

Best regards;

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