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whats_in_a_name February 5, 2007 03:34

Mdlin UAV Help req, Mesh size + Error in FLUENT
Hi everyone,

I'm trying to model a UAV in FLUENT for my project and i'm a newbie to CFD itslef.

Model UAV 1.Wingspan - 2m ClarkY 2.Mostly Cylindrical fusalage with dia 127 mm with few faceted faces. 3.Tail boom of dia 32mm length 650mm with stabilizers

My problem: In GAMBIT i used a 3 mm surface mesh (Tri/Pave) for the fuselage and wing. and a control vol of dimensions 7500x4500x3000 mm i then tried meshing the vol with various mesh sizes rangin from 100mm to 25mm but get this error always

"Assertion failed in line 5870 found_1 and found_2 while meshing component"

But it works for a vol mesh size of 20mm but this is too computationally intensive.

Next i exported this mesh to FLUENT

while initializing the condtions FLUENT now gives the error

"Error: couldn't allocate fine level coefficient matrix Error Object: ()"

in both 3d and 3ddp modes.

Any help in solving either of these problems will be very much appreciated

Thnx, Regards, Wannabe Flyboy

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