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Ferdinando February 6, 2007 12:40

Radiation in UV reactor
Hi all, i am working with Fluent and Gambit on this problem: a disifection of waste water in a uv reactor. I am studying a 2d case (easy case). I have 4 tubes. In these tubes (made by teflon) there is water. These tube are contained in a box (reactor case). In this box there is air. External of tubes there are 4 uv lamps. The radiation has multiple domain (air--teflon--water). I want to know the distribution and the decadence of fluence in multiple domain. As i said i'm working in a simple 2d case: a rectangular box (that contain the lamp and the tube), a big circle (tube section - water domain), a little circle (uv lamp). I want use DO radiation. I have problems because i see only fluence in air domain but not in fluid domain. How is it possible? I can give some detailed images. Thank you in advance for helping.

kk February 6, 2007 17:43

Re: Radiation in UV reactor
hi, I am also doing UV disinfection modeling too. But my media is air.Instead of DO model, I am using Veiw Factor distribution model. My supervisor has developed a cute UV distribute model: UVCal. BTW,Can UV@254(if you are using LP lamp) penatrate teflon? If you can send me the the diagram of the UV reactor , that will be helpful.

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