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kk February 7, 2007 15:10

subroutines in UDF
Can any one tell me is it OK to include other subroutines (Calculate some values and return the values into the UDF main) in the UDF? I tried once, but it seems it couldn't be complied. BTW, I am using the EXPRESS VC++ .

Bogdan February 8, 2007 02:36

Re: subroutines in UDF
yes is ok, I have a main file a header file and a functions file and it works fine.

kk February 8, 2007 15:20

Re: subroutines in UDF
what does this message mean?: "udf limitation: Intensity: prototypes must appear outside the function body."

'Intensity' is a subrountin in my UDF.

Bogdan February 9, 2007 02:38

Re: subroutines in UDF
in your header file you should declare the prototype of your function (what parameters take, if return a value), or if you don't have a header file after the #include statements put your function prototype.

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