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Josh February 9, 2007 02:40

Boundary Layer with Tet mesh
I'm working a meshing an air swirler that consists of 5 fixed airfoil shaped vanes to swirl the air as it passes through an annulus. I am having a hard time meshing the vanes when using a 3-D boundary layer. I'm using curvature refinement and pre-meshing the faces with tets. The volume mesh works fine if I turn off the Boundary Layers. If I use the view 3-D boundary layers option, the boundary layers build fine and you can view them.

The problem arises when I mesh using BL on all faces. Then I get the dreaded message "Initialization failed to mesh 3 nodes. ERROR: TG_Mesh_Domain failed with error code 1." Then it warns of skewed elements. The face meshes have no cells skewed more than 0.75. I believe it is the 3D BL that has skewed elements. Is there any way the improve the way BL are generated around complex curvature?

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