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Le February 12, 2007 16:57

VOF, specific zone
Hi, Anybody know how to use VOF model to track interface only one specific zone. For example, There are 5 zones in my model. But I just want to use VOF interface tracking for only one of them (4 other zones do not use VOF model at all). Can I do this and how to do? Give me a clue. Thanks a lot

Rizwan February 12, 2007 17:16

Re: VOF, specific zone
just patch the zones with single fluid that doesnt need to solve the vof. ultimately, vof will be solved for the zone where there are two fluids.

Le February 12, 2007 17:24

Re: VOF, specific zone
First, thank for your quick answer. But the problem is that I set multiphase in all zones of domain, and I just want to use VOF for one zone, the other zone I don't care. So in this case, VOF will automatically be solved for all zones, this is a thing I don't want (for some reasons, if I track the other zones by VOF, it causes some serious errors).

Rizwan February 12, 2007 23:26

Re: VOF, specific zone
Dear Le, i think u can work out and see it the way I mentioned. Coz once u have patched a certain phase in part of ur domain, solving vof multiphase in that region would not affect the already existing values and hence the solution. the solver adjusts the remaining flow properties in the remaining part of domain and for the patched region u can even define the flow conditions. hope this helps, regards

Le February 14, 2007 15:09

Re: VOF, specific zone
Thank you. I will think the way you describe

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