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kiko February 13, 2007 11:28

grid interfaces
hi, i'm having troubles with fluent, because when i want to iterate, i always get an error message (divergence:pressure correction, floating point, handedness...) i'm trying to simulate a turbine in 3D, i generated the mesh with gambit, but instead of generating the whole in only 2 parts (fixed and moving body), i meshed smaller volumes (because they're easier to mesh), and later joined them with the Tmerg comand, and merged some interfaces with Tgrid, so this way i obtained the fixed and the moving body. Again used Tmerg and now i can read the mesh in fluent, defined boundary conditions (periodic, fluid, outlet and inlet), and the solver. after that i use "grid interfaces" to specify wich interfaces will behave as periodic, and also define the rest of interfaces that are common to 2 small volumes. in this point every time i "grid 2 interfaces" and don't mark them as coupled or periodic, fluent creates a new wall, but i can't display it, so maybe i make a mistake. anyway, i initialize, and then try to iterate, but always get an error message. does anybody know what am i doing wrong?, or if i've missed a step, or a different way of doing all this?

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