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NĂ©stor February 13, 2007 13:14

Prop boundary condition
Hi everyone,

I'd like to model the aerodynamics around a small plane. The thing is that I don´t know how to model the propeller of the plane, I mean, what is the most suitable geometry and boundary condition. I wander if a circle conditioned as intake fan would work, but I've tried and the path lines seems to be not disturbed by this (no helicity, or rotating components of velocity).

Can anyone help me?

Thanks in advance

Tim February 14, 2007 11:46

Re: Prop boundary condition
I think you have two options...

1. Use the fan BC and specify the Swirl-Velocity. To use this, the circular fan BC must have fluid zones on both sides. This should twist the pathlines, etc.

2. Mesh the actual props and use a MRF to rotate that zone. This will probably give you more accurate results, but will significantly increase the size of your mesh.

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