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wassim February 13, 2007 14:11

Transport equation using UDF
Hi, I am planning to implement a transition model into fluent using UDF feature. I was told that I can create my own transport equation in Fluent but I can't find any information about that in the help manuals. Wondering if somebody have tried that before? I know we can write source terms in Fluent, but is that enough on its on?


Bogdan February 13, 2007 14:50

Re: Transport equation using UDF
You can use User defined scalar (UDS). Check the 11th chapter of the UDF user manual

wassim February 13, 2007 15:08

Re: Transport equation using UDF
Thanks, it was all the time infront of me but i couldn't see it. I guess that what happens when you look too hard. again thanks a lot. Wassim

Rizwan February 13, 2007 23:35

Re: Transport equation using UDF
Once you plan to write ur own scalar transport equation, make sure that u pay attention to user defined memory. I have not used it much but still its stated in udf manual that u need to define ur memory location using udmi and then the uds are stored in that udm. Thanks

kk February 14, 2007 19:07

Re: Transport equation using UDF
Rizwan, I think it is UDSI instead of UDMI. You have to define a user define scalar and its properties accordingly.

Rizwan February 14, 2007 23:56

Re: Transport equation using UDF
Yes it is UDSI only to define user defined scalar. what i meant by mentioning UDMI is, u have to allocate separte memory using UDMI to save the scalars that u are defininng. as fluent doesnt do it automatically.

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