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fran February 14, 2007 07:12

what is the reason of getting a floating point error in a 3d flow, and how do i fix it?

Rizwan February 14, 2007 09:57

Re: error
there are many reasons for which u get this error. can u explain wat u r exactly trying to do?

fran February 14, 2007 11:27

Re: error
i`m triyng to simulate a 3d flow from a multipart geometry. one part is fixed and the other is moving, and each one is composed by several parts as well, having enough interfaces. as solver i use unesteady and k-epsilon

Rizwan February 14, 2007 11:32

Re: error
is it something related to dynamic meshing schemes? if s, im sorry i have little idea about it. Regards

fran February 14, 2007 13:10

Re: error
its not related with that, but i am working in a turbine, and one part moves respect to the other. i work with moving mesh (boundary conditions->fluid->moving mesh->here i put my movement parameters), and sometimes it iterates but only 7 steps as much, and then fluent show me an error message

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