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Genanry February 14, 2007 11:59

Estimation of "inlet solid volume fraction"...?

For circulating fluidized bed, we generally know that the superficial gas velocity (m/s) and solid flux(kg/m2 s). In addtion, the solid and gas densities are also known.

Then, my question is:

How to estimate the "solid volume fraction at the inlet"? As we know,this parameter is needed as input in E-E two-fuild simulation.

Could you please give some ideas and recommend some proper estimation approach?

Sacoer February 15, 2007 11:29

Re: Estimation of "inlet solid volume fraction"...
There is a method proposed in Gidaspow's book:

Es = Ws/RO_s/(Ug/Eg-Vt)

where Es-- Solid volume fraction

Ws-- solid flux

RO_s --- solid density

Ug--- superficial gas velocity

Eg --- Gas volume fraction

Vt--- terminal velocity

I am not sure whether it is suitable for your system. Hope this helps.


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