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Whats_in_a_name February 15, 2007 01:21

Exporting Pressure data from FLUENT to ANSYS
Hi all,

I've just got the pressure distribution over a wing in FLUENT. I now need to structutrally analyze it in ANSYS.

I'm lookin to export the data from FLUENT to ANSYS. Any ideas and suggestions on how i can accomplish this are welcome.....

Thnx, Flyboy

Freeman February 15, 2007 17:46

Re: Exporting Pressure data from FLUENT to ANSYS
well, fluent normally has specific formats of files. it automatically create *.cas and *.dat which're acceptable to most software. Since you might already have these files, try to check your ansys package and see if you can 'import' fluent data. now, both are the same company, I think it should be possible. let me know if you're not able to do so.

take care

whats_in_a_name February 19, 2007 01:54

Re: Exporting Pressure data from FLUENT to ANSYS
Nope importing .cas or .dat files doesn't work and exporting data from Fluent to ANSYS's .rfl isn't working either (dont know why though, it's genrating 0 byte .rfl files). Sad they're both from the same company....

Thnx man 4 the suggestion, it was worth a try anyway.

fredcab66 April 24, 2010 07:32


I have the same problem , i would like to export pressure on my wing , to ansys , for a structural analyse.

My problem is a 2D problem , and my my mesh is 2D too.

So i want import in ansys pressure on one edge.

I use Workbench 2 , fluent , and ansys mecanical.

i have already try a lot of thing, but no result ! :-(

Have you sucess, if yes, could you explain me , how didi you do ?



Randre April 24, 2010 10:27

Do you have the new ANSYS version? 12.0 or 12.1? If you use standard FSI project schematic: FLUENT - TRANSIENT STRUCTURAL and connect them, the pressure distribution on the wing will be exported do ANSYS MECHANICAL. But I think that ANSYS mechanical will work only with a 3D wing.

fredcab66 April 26, 2010 03:16

Hello Randre, and everybody,

First , thanks for our answer.

I used Ansys 12.0.

I used a FSI projet : Cfd Fluent -> Static strutural.

When i 'am making this projet in 3D , all it's ok , the pressure distribution is imported from fluent to mechanical.

But my problem don't need to be in 3d, and my computer is not so performant.

That's why i want to solve this problem in 2D .
But in 2d i can't import pressure.
I have already tried :
using the workbench interface, connecting the Fluent's results to the Mechanical's steup.
And exporting the load from fluent in a .cdb file.

But no result

If you think that you can help me , do not hesitate !

Cheers !


ermes May 14, 2010 05:00

Hi all,
I'm trying to export pressure data from fluent to ansys to have a structural analisys but fluent export nodes and shell elements.
To make my strustural analisys i need to use brick elements so i don't know how to do.

Somebody can help me?


ujwal rajan September 3, 2017 03:09

Importing loads form FLUENT
Hey guys,

Hope you're all well.

Is there any way of importing pressure loads from fluent onto a structure for a 2D analysis??

When i try to import loads on the static structure module, there is a dialogue box that appears which indicates that pressure is being imported however, nothing seems to happen. I've given about 25 mins time and nothing seems to be happening.

If i try using system coupling, it says that FLUENT does not support system coupling for 2D cases.

Any help is massively appreciated.

Thank you

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