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PK February 16, 2007 12:12

species mass source in porous media ?
Hi ,

I have 2D case : cylinder (porous media) which is in a much bigger Control volume(non porous) (flow is from inlet to outlet,...). This cylinder is acting like a sink of species.

When I am running a simulation WITHOUT removing specie in this 2D cylinder NON POROUS media and another as a POROUS media : In both cases I have the same species mass fraction,VOLUME Integrale,Vol Avg, Mass Int and Mass Avg in this 2D cylinder zones (porous or Non porous).

To remove a certain amount of specie (in the cylinder) ,I use a UDF(DEFINE_SOURCE) with Si = Mass of specie in cell(i)/ SUM(vol cell(i)).

A)If the cylinder is NonPorous : Non prob.

B)If the cylinder is Porous : There is a Prob : Even though , species have same mass fractions(Porous /non porous) , there is less Species avalaible (less flow rate ) in the cylinder(in the non porous case) : and so there is the not the same amount left in both Cases (less in the porous case).

Q: How this Si (source term) is linked to the local mass flow rate in a cell i ? ; How to solve this problem then ?.

Thanks for any help

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