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ahmet February 17, 2007 18:57

modeling objects in room airflow
Hi all, I greatly appreciate if someone could help me with the following. I am trying to simulate airflow, using Gambit/Fluent, in a simple rectangular room with two inlets and one outlet on the ceiling. I have a table (which consists of three planes only, no closed volume), and a three dimensional closed-volume object inside the room. I used 'Wall' boundary condition for the room walls, 'Velocity inlet' and 'Outflow' for inlet and outlet. However, what shall be the boundary conditions for the objects (table and 3D object) in the room? Thanks much in advance. Ahmet

kk February 21, 2007 18:39

Re: modeling objects in room airflow
should be walls. These objects are like the baffles in the pipes which I treated as walls.

ahmet February 21, 2007 21:41

Re: modeling objects in room airflow
Thank you for your response, I have one more quick question.

How should I define the volume?

(Just pick the room boundries? Would that override the objects ?)

Thanks all in advance. Ahmet

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