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whats_in_a_name February 19, 2007 05:54

TECPLOT file data format Plz Explain
Hi all,

Can anyone tell me what the various numbers stand for or what is the sequence of numbers in the Tecplot file once FLUENT Exports it.

The Background to shed more light

I've run a case for external Flow over a wing. Now i've exported the results (pressure distribution on wing) from FLUENT in Tecplot format.

I need to calculate spanwise the lift for 10cm sections from wing root inboard to outboard.

I'm planning to write a prog in MATLAB or C to do this.

Now to read in the TECPLOT file i need to understand what the sequence of nos in the tecplot format stand for, can anyone give me a link or a primer on this.

THnx, Flyboy

Khairy February 21, 2007 09:50

Re: TECPLOT file data format Plz Explain
Hi I think you can do that from plot panel choose the surface and write the data to file the file generated will have two columns the first is the curve length the second will be the function you select from plot panel then from matlab do all u need. i hope this useful Khairy-Egypt

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