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Domenico February 19, 2007 13:26

Particle Track
Hi, All

I want to generate a particle track file with the Discrete Phase Approach in FLUENT.

However, my computational domain is quite big and the particle track file that is being generated is too heavy.

Is there a way to write the particle track file only for a portion of my reactor?

Second question is: how can I make sure that the particle tracks are mass-flow weigthed? Is there a way I could display the particle distribution over a cross section and compare with velocity contour?



Sujith February 19, 2007 16:15

Re: Particle Track
You can use the report-->discrete phase to write particle tracks on a particular region, surface.

DPM concentration contour on the post processing surface on a surface will give an idea about the particle distribution

Domenico February 19, 2007 19:56

Re: Particle Track
Hi Sujith, thanks for your kind reply. Could you elaborate more on it?

Let me see if I have understood correctly. If I want to write particle track only in a subdomain, should I split my volume in Gambit and define different regions, isn't it?

As far as particle density is concerned, can I map and countour the particle density that hit a target surface which is cross-to-flow? If so, should define it as interior?

Thanks so much in advance,


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