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Philip Sorensen February 19, 2007 14:45

Consultant w/ Expertise in Aerodynamics & CFD
ATI is a small technology search firm. We initiate alliances between our clients, typically large companies seeking external technology or expertise, and outside firms or consultants that can help.

Here is the request --

Identification of Technical Consultants with Expertise in Aerodynamics and CFD Who can Identify Factors that Contribute to the Drag on Small, Non-symmetric Blunt Objects:

For a current project, we are seeking consultants with expertise in aerodynamics and CFD who can predict drag forces and identify specific geometric features contributing to the total drag (pressure and friction drag) on small (< 5" dia.) non-symmetric blunt objects of specific and detailed geometry (CAD models of multiple variants supplied). The goal is to analytically identify the detailed geometry having the lowest drag among multiple geometry variants and predict relative affects on speed. Objects are traveling at a velocity of approximately 100 mph and rotating at approximately 300 rpm (low speed, unsteady aerodynamics, standard atmosphere). The need is to be able to predict small changes in drag (total drag force is < 2 lbf, may need to resolve 1/10's of a lbf) caused by subtle changes in object shape that result in changes to speed of about 0.3%, for a constant propulsive input.

We are seeking experts who you capable of carrying out this analysis, and who further would be able to provide input into these questions:

Is this problem statement solvable given current state of the art in CFD and the difficulty of simulating turbulent flow? What is the level of difficulty on a scale of 1-10? What CFD code would you use?

Please let me know if you are interested and we can discuss or email next steps.

Thank you for your consideration.

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