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Simon Riverin February 20, 2007 10:21

3D non-conformal periodic boundary conditions

I have to define a translationally periodic boundary in a 3D problem. The geometry is too complex to be set periodic in Gambit, since the surface meshes have to be exactly the same. So I tried to follow the procedure in fluent's user guide about setting non-conformal 3D boundary conditions (which is changing the boundary zone types to interface and then making this interface periodic) and I ran the calculation. The solution converged, but the periodic conditions were not respected. The solver seems to have considered the boundaries as walls. If someone has experienced this kind of problem please help. Thanks. Simon

abc February 20, 2007 13:40

Re: 3D non-conformal periodic boundary conditions
work hard and study more

siri February 22, 2007 01:19

Re: 3D non-conformal periodic boundary conditions
Hello if i am not wrong you are using the latest version of fluent (V 6.3), this is the problem that this version is having, contact your support for fluent. it will not come if you start the soloution ( initialize the soulution ) and run in a single session, if you re read the data file this problem comes.

I request people not to reply like as "work hard and study more ", as we are trying hard and only when we badly in need of help only we are posting our problems. sorry

Simon Riverin February 22, 2007 10:00

Re: 3D non-conformal periodic boundary conditions
Thank you for your post, siri

Actually, the version of fluent I'm using is 6.2. And I have the same problem even if I run the solution in a single session. I think fluent never recognizes the boundaries as periodic since when I check in the grid interfaces dialog, the periodic checkbox is not checked (I defined the interfaces with the command make-periodic) and walls are created as boundary zones, which is not supposed to happen when creating periodic boundaries.

If you have any cue let me know

Best regards, Simon

siri February 23, 2007 02:35

Re: 3D non-conformal periodic boundary conditions
Hello in fleunt version 6.2 i am not facing such problem i am able to create non-conformal periodic interafaces and able to run

in TUI define grid-interfaces make-periodic

u can make these non-conformal periodic interfaces

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