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Jason T. February 28, 2007 01:01

Stream Function
I am working on a 2-D nozzle that is symmetric along the centerline. The inlet velocity profile is parabolic and also symmetric. The flow is laminar. The trouble is that the contours of the stream function are not symmetric along the center line. The top stream line is equal to around .7 kg/s and the bottom's is 0. Can anyone answer why are the stream lines not symmetric? Thanks, Jason

Laika February 28, 2007 06:46

Re: Stream Function
Hi Jason,

what is the total mass flow rate in your nozzle? You are looking at the Stream Function values, isn´t it? What value do you have at the symmetry-location? (my guess would be: 3.5; in that case you´re fine) Can you generate an xy-plot of the flow variables at the outlet of your domain? Is it really asymmetrical?

happy hunting, cheers,

Laika, still orbiting

Jason T. February 28, 2007 15:43

Re: Stream Function
My total mass flow rate is .68 kg/s. The bottom of the 2d nozzle has a stream line of 0 kg/s and the top has a stream line of ~= .68 kg/s. The point of symmetry has around .34. I did a x-y plot of stream function vs height of nozzle and yes it is asymmetrical. Any ideas?


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