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dan February 28, 2007 12:15

3D blades
For 3D simulation of turbine blades do you suggest to include the rotor blade into a single passage computational domain or have a domain representing the flow passage between pressure and suction sides without the rotor blade ?


Hussein February 28, 2007 17:22

Re: 3D blades *NM*

Hussein February 28, 2007 17:24

Re: 3D blades
Hello , I am workin on the simulation of 3d turbine blades also , we can cooperate if u want ?

lee March 1, 2007 10:32

Re: 3D blades
the best way to do it is to include the rotor blade into a single passage computational domain, since this is the only way that you can have periodic boundary on both sides. The second option won't work.

Use G-Turbo in Gambit is a fast way to have the geometry done.

good luck!

dan March 1, 2007 15:14

Re: 3D blades
Thank you, I know someone use also to simulate the flow in the passage between pressure and suction sides of the blade, with of course wall b.c. applyed on them, and periodic b.c. on the sides between inlet and blade walls and outlet and blade walls. Anyway I'll follow your suggestion. Would be great to cooperate with you.

Dan March 2, 2007 16:15

Re: 3D blades
Hello guys, can you suggest any paper about 3D turbine blade heat transfer simulations? Hussein, are you doing the simulation with real gas, and how is the computational domain and b.c. you are using? Do you simulate only the external heat transfer or you also perform the thermal analysis through the blade thickness with internal/external cooling? Thanks

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