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Kevin L March 4, 2007 23:38

Reverse rate parameters with CHEMKIN imports
I am trying to run a combustion simulation of dimethyl-ether (DME) in FLUENT using chemical kinetics files from CHEMKIN. However, when I attempt to import the files, FLUENT gives me an error that it cannot handle reverse rate parameters. It is my understanding that these are Arrhenius rate coefficients given for reverse reactions that do not relate to the forward reaction rate through the equilibrium constant of the reaction. I was wondering if anyone has used FLUENT with kinetics files that have reverse rate parameters specified. Right now we do not have a license for the KINetics module in FLUENT. Is that needed to use reverse rate parameters? Thank you for any help.

Roberto Meloni June 27, 2013 04:22

Hi Kevin,
Have you fixed your problem?
I have the same error when I try to import biodiesel Chemkin Mechanism.

All the best.

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