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Tal March 5, 2007 05:15

Cryosurgery - temperature distribution problem
Hi Guys,

Im working on a project that involves Cryosurgery, which is a way to ablate tumors using extreme cold conditions. An iceball is formed within the body and it engolfs the tumor by "killing" its cells. I need to model the temperature distribution within this iceball as a function of time. I want to create a model that will simulate a human tissue (I already have the thermal properties of the tissue) and to define the initial temperature of the tissue to be 37 degrees centigrade. Inside this tissue I want to define a single point that will have a constant temperature (-100 degrees centigrade). The formation of the iceball starts from this point.

I have some problems in defining these initial conditions using the fluent software, and would like to get some advise from U guys.

Cheers, Tal

Rijo Thomas March 12, 2007 05:35

Re: Cryosurgery - temperature distribution problem
hai, I am Mtech graduate in Cryogenic Engineering and now I would like to do my Ph.D work in "Heat transfer during Cryosurgery". Can you tell me about your knowledge base and your objective in this area Thanks Rijo

Tal March 15, 2007 04:07

Re: Cryosurgery - temperature distribution problem
Can U B more specific, want exactely would U like to know?

Guest October 18, 2010 15:58

Hai Mr.Tal,
I am also working on cryotherapy in Fluent. I would like to know whether you solve your problem or not? I need a suggestion from you regarding that.

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