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Flora March 5, 2007 11:36

About the Contact Angle
Hallo, everyone! I have meet a problem in my project. I hope sb. can help me about it! In my experiment, there is a steel plate on which water flows as a film.At the same time,there are also the steel supports on both sides to avoid the water coming out from sides. My aim is to investigat the film breakup conditions,such as the critical liquid flow rate. So in my simulation, I defined contact angle at the plate and both sides. From theory, it should be with the decrease of contact angle, the water will be easier to be a film! But I found that under the same conditions except for the contact angle, the film would be keep a closed film when Contact angle equals to 80 degree, While it would be breakup when Contact angle equals to 70 degree. Who can tell me what the matter is? How could I interpret this phynomenon?

Thank you very much!

Flora March 6, 2007 08:09

Re: About the Contact Angle
Hallo,everyone! Can you understand my problem? Who can help me to interpret it?

Flora March 8, 2007 03:07

Re: About the Contact Angle
Hallo, I am afraid I have not make it clear to you. Can you understand it? Who can give me the suggestion? Thank you!

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