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AndiG March 7, 2007 06:26

Rosin Rammler Distribution

I want to inject particles in my continous phase. I`m using the surface injection, the particle-sizes should apply to a certain distribution. I calculated the spread factor of my distribution for the rosin rammler method according to the manual. But when I look at the results the distribution shows a uniform shape. The diameter have a linear size distribution between the minimum and maximum value i set, but they are not disributed in the way I want (rosin rammler).

In my opinion the diameters released from each surface cell should be disributed with the spread factor I set. But they are sized linear between the min and max value I set.

So whats wrong with it?

Thank you for your efforts


Seeker Phil March 7, 2007 11:56

Re: Rosin Rammler Distribution
Hi Andi, Have you looked at the mass fractions of the different droplet sizes as well? The Rosin-Rammler distribution is a combination of droplet diamter and mass fraction above that diameter. So you might see the diamter distribution as linear, but the fractions of different sized droplets might be more accurate. - Phil

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