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RR March 14, 2007 20:34

a simple question

how to change the font size in the colormaps?!


Rizwan March 17, 2007 07:10

Re: a simple question
wher do u want to change in gambit or fluent??

RR March 18, 2007 07:00

Re: a simple question
Thanx for the response..and sorry for not being clear..

i would like to know whether I can change the font size in the color map while displaying contours/vectors in Fluent..

thank you

Shaik Rizwan March 18, 2007 07:28

Re: a simple question
Display ----> Colour maps ---> currently defined

RR March 18, 2007 22:07

Re: a simple question
Hi, Rizwan, thanx......

But I want to know how the size of the letters (font) used in the colormap, (for, e.g, the values of the variable shown in the colormap in digits)can be changed...i want to have larger fonts for that....sorry if I bother you!

tahnk you

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