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K.Fukumoto March 15, 2007 02:56

Granular model with 2d axisymmetric
Hi, all I am studying spouted bed by granular model with axisymmetric. However if I choose 2d axisymmeric, a sand phase does not be moved.(symmetry condition is OK) Has someone encouted same problem ?

The Model descriptions are Particle size is 1.41mm, density is 2500kg/m3 restitution is 0.9, Gas is Air, inlet velocity is 0.594-1m/s, Drag function & granular viscosity is gidas model,parcking limits is 0.59 turbulent model is mixture k-epsilon, other parameters are default, bed height is 325mm, column diameter is 152mm and orifice diameter is 19mm.

Ethan August 8, 2010 18:42

Hey, Did u solved ur problem?

mohsen0488 September 15, 2013 11:15

did you solve your problem?

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