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Arnaud March 16, 2007 07:00

Soret-Driven convection simulation
Hello, Could someone help me to set up a simulation of Soret-Driven convection in a porous media using Fluent. I'm studying the separation of a binary fluid in a porous media. I would like to solve the following adimensional equations:

div u=0; grad p + u=Ra(T+psi*C)j; d/dt T +(u.grad)T= laplacian T; eps* d/dt C+ (u.grad) C = (1/Le)*laplacian (C-T);

with the boundary conditions:

u.j=0, T=1, (d/dy C)-(d/dy T)=0, for y=0, for all x; u.j=0, T=0, (d/dy C)-(d/dy T)=0, for y=1, for all x; u.i=0, (d/dx T)=(d/dx C)=0 for x=0 and x=A, for all y;

where :

u=velocity of the fluid; p=pression; T=temperature; C=concentration; Ra=Rayleigh number; Le=Lewis number; eps=normalized porosity; psi=separation factor ; i=unit vector in the x-direction; j=unit vector in the y-direction;

A is the aspect factor, it is the length of the rectangular cavity I'm using.

Thanks a lot.

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